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- Did you meet abroad kakih-nibud really interesting people, Jack? – She set down a plate of sandwiches and sat and took a glass of juice, which he poured her.
A few minutes later, they ate in silence, then she spoke again:
- You used to go to business lunches? You are often invited to visit? Did you go to a party? How do you cope with language difficulties?
Mostly he just tried to survive. But he was not going to talk about it. Jack remembered the other and smiled.
- One day I saw in the shop “Cheese Campbell.” Perhaps because of patriotism or something … I do not know … I bought one of each head. One with sun-dried tomatoes, I had enough for a few weeks and it was only the beginning!
- I am glad to know that you helped our business abroad. – Tiffany smiled, her brown eyes shining. Russian bare women looked at Jack and heat gently.
He smiled to himself, and promised her that he will cope with the problem.
They only need to focus on daily activities and avoid the rest. – What is it?
Evening came. Tiffany and Jack had finished. They were going to go back to the cottage, but suddenly found that the column to heat water fountain – next to the tank, which poured water into the house of her parents.
Tiffany stared in amazement at the column. Just what she needed!
- We have started to fill up the reservoir only half an hour ago. It had to check no sooner than after dinner!
- It is necessary to turn off the water – Jack said. They came to the column.
Beat jet out of the hole in the pipe near the junction with the reservoir. Tiffany check the water level in all reservoirs. They filled the pipes. Today, Tiffany decided that they should top up with Jack the reservoir.
- Let’s reshape the water, then try to understand what happened. – Jack walked over to the control tap and tried to turn it off and swore. – I can not close it.
Tiffany turned to the barn, where the equipment was stored.
- I’ll get the wrench.
- He does not need it. – Jack straightened. – Something broke inside. The mechanism is damaged. I can feel it when I try to turn the tap.
- Perhaps this is why the burst pipe. Hence, the water pressure is not regulated as it should be.
Jack nodded.


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